9mobile has partnered with financing institutions to provide the Device financing service which allows a 9mobile customer to purchase any smartphone or tablet of their choice from the 9mobile experience centers and pay in installments over a period.

9mobile is partnering with Access Bank on this service.

Device Finance is targeted at salary earners who meet Access Bank’s Risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC).
Customers with active Payday Loans will not be eligible for this product until the loan has been liquidated.

✓ Download the ‘QuickBucks’ app from the Google Play or Apple App store
✓ Or click here – quickbucks.accessbankplc.com to visit the Quickbucks website
✓ Complete the registration process
✓ Select ‘Device Finance’ to get started

The outcome of the loan application comes out within minutes once completed on the App and approved. Then you will get an email Notification – a confirmation (offer letter) of your order also containing your unique transaction ID. You can pick up your device anytime within 3 days after your successful request before the transaction ID expires.

The maximum loan tenure is Twelve (12) months.

No down payment is required. You only spread the device payment over the tenure

Access bank offers a highly competitive repayment plan based on the market value. Device Finance is not offered as a normal interest-based facility.

There are a variety of devices available under the scheme; smartphones and tablets from recognized phone manufacturers (OEMs) such as Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Nokia, Apple, etc. However, the devices displayed will be based on your eligible amount.

Yes. Customers are eligible for up to 33% of their annual salary, with a maximum eligible amount set at ₦500,000.

Only brand-new devices are available under this scheme. All products are brand new and sourced directly from OEM.

Yes, the scheme is available to all customers on the different mobile networks.

Customers under this scheme will enjoy a bundle that gives airtime and data resources every month throughout their repayment tenure. This will be selected at the applications stage and will be automatically granted on the customer’s line every month.

Yes, a 9mobile SIM is needed to enjoy the additional bundle on the device.

No, it is available for both new and existing customers.

The monthly bundle can be enjoyed on the customer’s 9mobile SIM where customers will choose from any of the bundle variants detailed below:

Unused airtime will be rolled over every month.

The airtime can be used to call other networks but cannot be used to purchase or subscribe to any rental services e.g., data plans since the bundle is already a combination of both.

Yes, at the applicable international tariff rates for the destination.

The bundle works with all prepaid and hybrid postpaid packages and will be credited every month to the customer during the repayment tenure.

Yes, devices are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This however does not include physical and water damage.

No, devices are not insured. It is however recommended that customers insure their devices against theft and physical and water damages.

As many times as possible if you have not exceeded your eligible amount

You can pick up your device from any of the 9mobile outlets across the country as selected during the application process. Please note that; during the request process, you will be asked to select your preferred pick-up location from a list of 9mobile outlets.
Then you can visit the 9mobile center and present the center representative with your unique transaction ID/code.

A government approved identification (e.g., Driver’s License, International Passport, National ID, Voters’ Card, etc.) will certify customer’s identification at 9mobile pick up center.
Once the unique transaction code has been verified, the agent will initiate an OTP token which will be sent to the customer’s BVN registered phone number as SMS and email, to authorize Access Bank to book the loan. The center agent will enter the OTP on the system and then the Device will be handed over. That’s it!

Phone colours will be limited to availability at your selected pick-up outlet.

No, they are not.

It is advised that customers check and confirm that their device is sealed and not tampered with at the point of collection. However, complaints of faulty devices must be received within 24 hours of purchase. Only devices that are found to be defective at the point of collection will be replaced within 14 – 21 working days subject to the OEM’s approval.

If after months of usage the device develops a fault, the customer can take the device to the OEM service centers for repair or take the device and proof of purchase to the closest 9mobile experience center and follow the approved 9mobile aftersales support process.

A loan will be booked for you after you have picked up your device. Repayment will be deducted from your salary account in monthly instalments.

The monthly repayment is calculated based on your selected device. This will also be displayed during the request process before you confirm your order and via email after you pick up your device. OR contact the Access Bank Contact Center on 0700 300 0000. You can also send an e-mail to contactcenter@accessbankplc.com to liquidate their loans.

Where you have existing loans, the equated monthly instalment (EMI)/ monthly repayment(s) will be used in calculating your eligible amount. Your eligibility amount will therefore be 33% of your annual salary, less any EMI.
If the monthly repayment is higher than your eligible amount, or you have a 30-day loan at Access Bank, you will not be able to take a Device Finance Loan. Eligible customers can access Device Finance as soon as their 30-day loan(s) is fully repaid / liquidated.

Customers are at liberty to pay off their loan at their convenience. Interested customers can self-liquidate their loans on QuickBucks.

No. The application process cannot be initiated by a call centre agent. However, the process can be initiated via the QuickBucks app.

For more details about the pre-qualification for the financing or reasons for disapproval, please send a mail to contactcenter@accessbankplc.com and more details will be provided.